Actions to tackle poverty will be highlighted throughout Challenge Poverty Week, which will take place in Scotland for the first time between 13th and 19th October 2013, encompassing the United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th of the month.

The Poverty Alliance is coordinating activity around Challenge Poverty Week, bringing together a range of organisations, groups and individuals to build momentum for action on poverty across the country and to highlight what is already taking place.

In advance of CPW, the Poverty Alliance will produce a series of factsheets on different aspects of poverty.  The first – Attitudes to Poverty, finds that attitudes are changing towards those who live in poverty and that people appear to be becoming more sympathetic, although beliefs persist among many that unemployed people could get a job if they really wanted one and that the benefits system encourages dependency.

The second factsheet looks at fuel poverty in Scotland, which affected 684,000 households in the country in 2011, although more recent figures suggest as many as 900,000 could be fuel poor, with those on low incomes and pensioners the most affected – 55% of all fuel poor are pensioner households.

We will report on further factsheets as they are produced.

Activities throughout the week will include “dialogue” meetings between politicians, community groups and individuals with experience of poverty and The Alliance is encouraging local groups and organisations to organise their own activities to raise awareness of poverty and to showcase what they are doing to tackle it.

If you are planning an activity and need advice about how to promote events with the local media, Poverty Alliance have produced a Local Media Guide and a Sample Press Release (word document).

Source: Poverty Alliance, Challenge Poverty Week 2013 Briefing