About GCVS

GCVS aims to improve the lives of people in Glasgow by supporting the voluntary sector to address inequalities and respond to the needs of their communities.

Our team works in partnership with organisations and agencies who share our commitment to tackle poverty and inequality and to create opportunities for all citizens of Glasgow.


What is our focus?

We want to combat the deeply embedded social inequalities in our society that are unfair, destructive and unnecessary. These inequalities rob people of their freedom, potential and rights, and they are often the result of decisions made far away from the people they affect in Glasgow.

For many years public and voluntary sector organisations have worked tirelessly to combat the effects of these disparities, but the challenges we face are highly complex with no simple solutions. It is now commonly recognised that a new approach is needed – empowering communities to design their own solutions.

How can we help?

Our teams are helping communities and the voluntary sector to build their capacity and take a leading role. We also act as an “honest broker” capable of working with both the public and the voluntary sectors to devise innovative ways of working, without participating in the delivery of public services.

We work with our Interface partners and the voluntary sector to:

  • listen and respond to their needs
  • help them reach their potential and play a full role in Glasgow
  • raise their profile and develop a voice.

How we support organisations

GCVS provides a range of support services to the voluntary sector in order to help it develop and thrive, and in turn, serve the needs of the community. We are also engaged in work across a wide range of policy agendas and are a key partner in the Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network.

Visit our Support pages and find out how we are helping organisations with a wide range of Sector Development guidance, resources and training opportunities. Or browse our Services here.


Our Vision is for Glasgow’s citizens and communities to flourish, with the help of a strong voluntary sector.

Our Values are to be collaborative, inclusive and innovative. We are supportive and responsive to the organisations and communities we support and proud to be their representative.

Our Mission is to develop and promote the role of communities and the voluntary sector in building a fairer, kinder and happier society. We exist to challenge unfairness and bring people together to address it.

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