Proudly celebrating 50 years as Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector 

About Us

GCVS supports the voluntary sector to succeed and meet the needs of local communities. We do this by providing a wide range of services, training and opportunities for community groups, charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Our team works in partnership with organisations and agencies who share our commitment to tackle poverty and inequality, to create opportunities for all citizens of Glasgow. We are also engaged in work across a wide range of policy agendas and are a key partner in the Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network. Additionally, our Albany building provides a central venue for us to host events for the sector and offer space for others to meet.


Our Vision is for Glasgow’s citizens and communities to flourish, with the help of a strong voluntary sector.

Our Values are to be innovative, driven and brave in the work that we do, aiming to achieve the best for the city, while demonstrating integrity, kindness and respect in how we treat people.

Our Mission is to develop and promote the role of communities and the voluntary sector in building a fairer, kinder and happier society. We exist to challenge unfairness and bring people together to address it.

Our Aims

We provide support, advice and training for the voluntary sector to build their capacity and take a leading role in helping communities. GCVS acts as an ‘honest broker’, working with both the public and the voluntary sectors to devise innovative ways of working, without participating in the delivery of public services.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services for third sector organisations. Whether you need HR advice, or payroll and financial services, we are here to help make your work easier. Many of our services are free or reduced through our membership, find out more in our brochure.

Proud Partners

We constantly develop the support we offer organisations to respond to changing demands and priorities. This includes working with a range of partners across public, private and academic sectors. Some of our partners include:

  • Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government
  • University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde
  • Volunteer Glasgow, CEIS and GSEN

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Keep in Touch

Contact Us on 0141 332 2444 or by email at information@gcvs.org.uk

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We are proud to be a Volunteer Charter Champion

“Without the guidance support from the GCVS we would have fallen in the first few years. Despite all odds we are still operating and that is down to support from the experienced people in GCVS.”

“We joined GCVS to connect with other third sector services and find a way to have a collective voice for sharing ideas, developing policy and building relationships with other sectors. I often suggest GCVS where people are looking for help regarding funding applications or paralegal advice, as well as sharing it as a space for meeting others and having a voice heard.”

“I feel very positive around the passion, enthusiasm and commitment displayed by all at GCVS when advocating for and supporting the third sector.”

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