Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil has announced that £1.1m will be made available to recruit and train 3000 volunteers from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The Volunteer Support Fund helps third sector organisations in Scotland to create new volunteering projects; increase the diversity of their volunteers (especially those experiencing disadvantage); and improve opportunities, skills and personal development through volunteering.

Volunteering has been proven to improve health, wellbeing and self-esteem, as well as equipping people with the skills they need to gain employment and benefiting local communities.

At this week’s Gathering, the minister spoke of the vital role that the third sector plays in tackling poverty, disadvantage and inequality and in creating opportunities for vulnerable people and communities.

Voluntary Action Fund will manage the funding which will support 110 projects with new and existing volunteers.  Mr Neil said:

“There are so many third sector projects carrying out tremendous work in their communities. That is why the Scottish Government is investing in the third sector to build capacity and make sure they get the support they deserve.”

Scotland has over 1 million volunteers supporting a range of projects in our communities and who make a significant contribution to the economy.

Source: Scottish Government 

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