Glasgow’s Family Support Strategy – consultation event

One of the key priorities in Glasgow’s Children’s Services Plan is to enhance the provision of family support and early intervention – working with families and third sector organisations to build positive relationships, and to ensure the right measures are put in place to improve the families’ circumstances and the wellbeing and development of the child.

Glasgow’s Third Sector Citywide Forum (Children, Young People and Families) is working as part of the multi-agency children’s services partnership to co-design a Family Support Strategy. This will provide a framework to help guide the future commissioning, funding and delivery of family support services in Glasgow for children, young people and their families.

The  Family Support Strategy will look to further embed the partnership between Health, Social Care and the Third Sector as a mechanism for delivering family support to help Glasgow’s families. Tailoring the support to families and localities will afford us the opportunity to meet the needs of families and work together to build a sustainable model of family support in Glasgow. The Third Sector plays a crucial role in delivering this strategy as the services to support families and make them a valuable asset in Glasgow. 

 This event provides third sector organisations with an opportunity to discuss and comment on the draft strategy, before it is finalised.