Book-Keeping And Account Management

Accounting and FinanceGCVS offers a book-keeping and account management service for those organisations requiring more comprehensive financial support, either on a short- or longer-term basis.

Your organisation remains firmly in control over the allocation and management of funds. GCVS acts on your instructions, ensures your bills and transactions are paid timeously, and are receipted, recorded and summarised.



GCVS works with you to ease the process of paying your staff.  To make the job even easier, we have made available below some of the forms that you will need.

We currently provide payroll services to over 260 voluntary organisations. Clients select payrolls from a range of frequencies (weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly) to suit their needs.

GCVS members do not incure the 10% surcharge for payroll services. Read more information on how to become a member.

GCVS Payroll and HMRC Forms

1. GCVS Payroll Service Agreement
2. Client Contact Sheet – to set up initial contact information with GCVS.
3. HMRC 64-8 Form – Authorising your agent
4. HMRC FBI-2 Form – Authorising your agent to use PAYE/CIS online services
5. Employee New Start Form – to alert GCVS about new employees.
6. Employee Leavers Form – to inform GCVS of departing employees.
7. Employee Change of Bank Details – to alert GCVS regarding new bank account details.
8. GCVS Timesheet TEMPLATE – a template to track employee flexi-time.
9. Employee Change of Details Form – to alert GCVS regarding new bank account details.
10. 2017-2018 Calendar
11. Workplace Pensions

GCVS Payroll Account Start Up
Payroll & Book-Keeping Charges 17-18

Payroll Service Charges 17-18

Combined Services

When members combine GCVS’ book-keeping and payroll services, auditors require only one port of call to obtain the majority of records required to produce year-end accounts, thereby reducing audit fees.