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The Children, Young People and Families Citywide Forum was launched at the GCVS Children’s Services Plan event in February 2017.

The idea for the forum came from Everyone’s Children events in 2016 about participation in Children’s Services Planning. There was broad agreement that creating a Forum at a citywide level would enhance third sector participation and influence in key strategic areas. This does not replace local Forum networks that currently exist, but provides a more co-ordinated response to developments across the city.

The Children, Young People and Families Citywide Forum is open to all third sector organisations with an interest in this area.

As a very small organisation we have become part of a network of practitioners, which has been informative and inspiring. The access to information, training and becoming part of the Citywide directory has helped us to raise our profile, have a broader understanding of Children’s Services in Glasgow and make links with other organisations.

Lorna Walker, Youth Mindfulness 

The Forum is governed by a steering group made up of members from a variety of third sector organisations across Glasgow working with children, families and young people and is supported by the GCVS Everyone’s Children team.

The Citywide Forum provides a strong and collaborative voice to partner agencies to influence Children’s Services across the city. It works to:

  • Co-ordinate reps from the third sector on strategic committees on Children’s Services
  • Ensure two-way communication and feedback
  • Share knowledge, experience and good practice
  • Gather and co-ordinate views
  • Ensure that the voices of service users are heard

A list of the current steering group members can be found here.

Read about our latest news here

May 2019 – IGF Survey Results 

The Citywide Forum recently surveyed children and families organisations in Glasgow about the review of the Integrated Grant Fund and the future of third sector funding in the city. Read about the key findings below (click here to enlarge). 








April 2019 – Governor of The Bank of England Visit

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector had the pleasure of organising a community forum with Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank of England. Representatives from The Citywide Forum were present with engaging questions and insightful feedback.

Read Mark Carney’s reflective blog here.

March 2019 – Neglect Summit

Speakers from the Citywide Forum contributed to the Child Protection Committee’s recent summit on tackling child neglect. Isobel Lawson, CEO of Stepping Stones for Families, and Karen McFadzean, manager of the Action For Children North Glasgow Family Support Centre, presented examples of their work which demonstrate the contribution that the third sector can make to protecting children and improving overall family wellbeing. 

The summit also included input from academics on the links between child neglect and poverty and discussion of the learning from a recent Significant Case Review.

Read a blog summarising the key learning from the day here.

December 2018 – Third Sector Summit

This major event was organised in partnership with Glasgow’s Third Sector Interface. The main focus of the day was to create a transformed relationship between the Third Sector and Glasgow City Council. Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council, David McDonald opened the day by thanking the Third Sector for the huge contribution it makes in the city, acting as the backbone of local communities.

There were contributions from a range of Third Sector organisations and Suzie Scott, Everyone’s Children Manager, spoke of the importance of Third Sector networks in Glasgow, using the Citywide Forum’s success as an example.

The next step will be to develop a Partnership Agreement between GCC and the Third Sector. For more information on the event, see the blog by Kathleen Caskie, Third Sector Forum Manager here.

December 2018 – Integrated Grant Fund Review

At their meeting in December, the Children, Young People and Families Citywide Forum heard from Kathleen Caskie, the Glasgow Third Sector Interface Manager, about the IGF Review. The Council and the Third Sector have embarked on a major review, which will conclude by March 2020. Over 80 third sector children’s organisations currently receive over £6 million from IGF. The Citywide Forum is keen to find out what impact changes to funding might have on the sector. A survey on this will be coming out soon.

November 2018 – Citywide Forum Networking Event with Maree Todd MSP

The Citywide Forum was delighted to welcome Maree Todd, Minister for Children and Young People, as well as colleagues and partners from the third and public sector to a networking event on Friday 9th November. Read our blog post about the event here.

September 2018 – Third Sector themed GCHSCP event on Public Protection

The recent GCHSCP event on Public Protection (12th Sept) featured a number of Third Sector organisations including the Advocacy Project and People First. The Citywide Forum had a session on Listening to Children and Young People which featured:

  • Aberlour Children’s Trust talking about their annual youth conference,
  • Children 1st demonstrating their sensory toolkit
  • Quarriers Inclusion Team presented their ‘Mind Of My Own’ app which helps children and young people record their thoughts and feelings.

The day concluded with a discussion on how to improve partnership working between statutory agencies and third sector organisations.





Maxine Hawthorne, Aberlour

August 2018 – Summer Holiday Activity Survey

Around 100 third sector projects successfully bid for funding from the Glasgow Summer Food Programme. Between them, they planned to feed over 20,000 children. The total grants given out was around £900k.




July 2018 – Case Conference Attendance

The Citywide Forum Child Protection sub-group ran two well-attended training events with Karen Frew, the Glasgow Lead Officer for Public Protection, on Case Conference Attendance. The aim of the event was to explain what happens when a multi-agency case conference is called to discuss concerns about a child and to help third sector staff become more confident in supporting families.

June 2018 – Citywide Forum Family Support sub-group

As part of the Glasgow City HSCP transformation agenda, the HSCP is seeking to shift the balance of care towards family support services. The Citywide Forum (Children, Young People and Families) is setting up a sub-group to ensure that the views of third sector organisations are heard. The first meeting is 18th June and they will be held every six weeks. Any Citywide Forum member who is interested can join the sub-group. To express interest in the sub-group, email

May 2018 – North West Children & Families Network Relaunch

The North West Children and Families Network successfully relaunched their network, which will be a sub-group of the Citywide Forum, at a networking event at the Albany Centre. The key speaker was Karen Dyball, the NW Locality Head of Children’s Services. The meeting also heard about the new Big Lottery funded consortium, which will be working in the North-East of the city to deliver family support services.

April 2018 – National Third Sector GIRFEC Project: Promising Planning

In April 2018, Children in Scotland became the host for the National Third Sector GIRFEC project, taking over from previous partners Barnardo’s Scotland, Voluntary Action Scotland and the Improvement Service.

The final output from the original team Promising Planning has been produced to support and encourage the effective collaboration of the third sector and all planning partners in the ongoing development of Children’s Services Plans.

The Citywide Forum featured in the report as a good practice example of enabling ‘a more coordinated response by third sector to developments across the city’ and was highlighted as an opportunity to ‘improve partnership working on planning, commissioning, design and delivery of services’.

Access the report here.

March 2018 – Significant Case Reviews & Child Protection Working Group

The Citywide Forum’s Significant Case Review/Child Protection sub-group met on 10th April to identify processes for third sector to implement and disseminate findings from Significant Case Reviews and to form a city-wide action plan. This action plan will then be fed back to the Glasgow Child Protection Committee.

The group plan to meet again on 17th May 2018. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch: 

February 2018 – Early Learning and Childcare News

In February Everyone’s Children, with input from the Citywide Forum Early Learning and Childcare sub-group, created an Early Learning and Childcare Newsletter.

Glasgow’s Third Sector plays a significant role in providing childcare – through nurseries, out of school services, family support services and a huge variety of after-school and school holiday activities. The newsletter will keep people up to date with Glasgow’s developing childcare strategy, to ensure that all children in the city aged 0 to 16 have access to childcare support.

View the newsletter here. 

If you would like to join the Citywide Forum Early Learning and Childcare Sub-group, please get in touch:  

January 2018 – Transformational Change Meeting

On Friday 19th January, Everyone’s Children and the Citywide Forum met with key staff from Children and Young People’s Services at Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (GCHSCP).

Mike Burns (Assistant Chief Officer, Children’s Services), Pat Togher (Head of Children’s Services North East), Karen Dyball (Head of Children’s Services North West) and Gary Dover (Head of Planning & Strategy, Children and Families) were present to discuss their upcoming Children and Young People’s transformational change programme 2018-21, as was presented to the GCHSCP Integrated Joint Board in November 2017.

As part of this, GCHSCP have begun to move expenditure from high cost residential care to delivering preventative and early intervention support work with families. This will ensure that, where necessary, more young people are sustained at home for longer.

Transformational change will have significant implications for Third Sector services through the new family support tendering framework. It was therefore significant that the Citywide Forum were able to begin a conversation with GCHSCP around how best Third Sector family support services can get fully involved in this process. Citywide Forum steering group members highlighted the broad range of experience in the Third Sector – from light touch family support through to acute interventions.

Mike Burns promised that the Citywide Forum would be involved in the development of the commissioning framework of new family support services.

January 2018 – Community Planning

On 10th January, Everyone’s Children and members of the Citywide Forum Early Learning and Childcare sub-group attended  the Glasgow Community Planning Strategic Board and Executive Group Development Day, to contribute to the Glasgow Community Action Plan. This focuses on Economic Growth, Resilient Communities, A Fairer More Equal Glasgow and priority areas of Childcare and Transport. The session heard from a range of speakers on key issues facing the city.

Our participants stressed the crucial role of the Third Sector in helping to deliver the City’s aim for “Glasgow to be a world class city, with thriving and resilient communities where everyone can flourish and benefit from the city’s success.”

Isobel Lawson, Stepping Stones for Families, has written a blog on the Development Day, view it here. 

Eddie Kane talks about the idea behind the Forum



Our Work

Click on the toggles below to find out about the thematic work of the Forum.

Family Support

In Glasgow, family support is mainly provided by the third sector, and family support provider organisations make up a significant proportion of the Citywide Forum’s membership. When the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership began to develop a new citywide strategy for family support, the Citywide Forum was asked to contribute to ensure that the expertise and concerns of the third sector and the families who use their services were included in the process. The Forum set up a family support subgroup, focused on tracking the progress of the strategy, and also provides two representatives who attend the GCHSCP Family Support Planning group.

The subgroup has had significant input into the developing strategy:

  • Subgroup members carried out an informal consultation with the parents they work with to gain an insight into what families want from the support they receive
  • Through discussion of the nature of the support they provide, the subgroup collaboratively created a definition of ‘family support’ which has largely been incorporated into the draft strategy and will influence the model of family support that is used
  • The subgroup reviewed an earlier draft of the strategy and provided detailed feedback, drawing on members’ expertise in supporting particular groups such as refugees and lone parents
  • Members of the subgroup provided job descriptions and person specifications that they use to recruit family support workers. These were then collated to produce a description of the skills and qualities of a good family support worker, which will also inform what family support provision should look like to service users
  • Liz Reid, Service Manager at Action for Children, gave a presentation to the GCHSCP planning group about how the ‘Outcome Star’ tool for family support is used with families to agree identified outcomes and how best these can be achieved

Recently, the subgroup hosted a large consultation event with providers from the wider third sector to allow them to examine the draft strategy and provide their feedback. It is now in the process of facilitating consultations with service users on the draft strategy through the organisations that support them, and has produced accessible materials to assist organisations in explaining the strategy to parents, young people and children. Ultimately this will ensure that the voices of family support providers, as well as families themselves, are heard and reflected in the final strategy.

Child Protection

Keeping children safe is a key priority in children’s services. A child’s right to protection is one of the founding principles of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It is also a key part of the Scottish Government policy of Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). Each local authority in Scotland has an independent Child Protection Committee (CPC), who work in partnership with their respective Chief Officers’ Groups and the Scottish Government, to take forward child protection policy and practice across Scotland.

Most children grow up in homes where they are loved and well cared for. However, sometimes a child may be harmed or mistreated.  In such cases, it is important that the child and his/her family receive help and support to ensure that the child is properly cared for and protected. All services have a responsibility to ensure children are safe and have their needs met.    

Glasgow Child Protection Committee

Glasgow Child Protection Committee (CPC) is the primary strategic planning mechanism for inter-agency child protection work in Glasgow. It is responsible for ensuring that agencies respond in a co-ordinated way to the identification of, response to, and prevention of, child abuse.

The Citywide Forum represents the third sector on Glasgow’s Child Protection Committee, and works closely with the Glasgow Child Protection Committee and staff.

The Child Protection Committee is chaired by an independent chairperson and has representatives from a range of backgrounds including

  • the Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Police Scotland
  • Education services
  • NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  • the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
  • Children’s Hearings Scotland
  • Community Safety Glasgow
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • The Wheatley Group
  • Glasgow Life

The committee has a number of subgroups to progress work on its behalf. Each subgroup has a work-plan and reports to the committee on the progress of the plan, via the Quality Assurance Group. There are third sector representatives of each of the sub-groups:

  • Audit Quality
  • Learning and Development
  • Communications

Each of the three HSCP Localities also has a Child Protection Group to discuss local child protection issues. These includes representation From Social Work, Health, Police, Education and the third sector.

In total, there are around 20 third sector reps involved in Glasgow Child Protection structures. They come from a variety of third sector organisations – both large and small.

The Citywide Forum role

The Citywide Forum steering group also has role to promote child safety across third sector organisations that work with children, young people and families. We have a child protection sub-group to take this forward.

Response to Significant Case Reviews

The Child Protection sub group has worked to develop third sector responses to Significant Case Reviews. A Significant Case Review is carried out where a child has died or been significantly harmed. Significant case reviews aim to find out if anything could have been done to prevent harm, and what could be done to stop a similar event happening in the future. The most recent Glasgow Significant Case Review report is here. There were a number of learning points – where agencies could improve their practices. The sub-group produced a response to the action plan.

One of the actions was that there should be ongoing training, across all agencies on identification of signs of neglect and greater use of formal assessment tools, such as the Glasgow Neglect Toolkit now called Assessment of Care Toolkit Training.

Assessment of Care Toolkit Training

The Glasgow Neglect Toolkit, renamed Assessment of Care Toolkit, was developed in partnership with Action for Children. Following the Significant Case Review, the Citywide Forum agreed to help to refresh the training and roll it out across agencies. We advertised for third sector staff to take part in Training the Trainers sessions, run by the Child Protection Committee staff and now have 20 third sector staff who are training to deliver the updated Toolkit.

Multi-agency Assessment of Care Training will take place across the city over the coming months to ensure that a wide range of staff are familiar with the toolkit.

Access the Glasgow Assessment of Care Toolkit here.

Other Child Protection Training

The Everyone’s Children team at GCVS run regular training on Introduction to Child Protection and we are working with the Child Protection Committee staff to develop updated new training modules, which can be delivered by third sector staff.

Early Learning and Childcare

Many of the Citywide Forum’s membership organisations provide childcare, whether as a registered nursery, after-school care, crèche service or ‘stay and play’. The Citywide Forum Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) subgroup was set up to track the progress of the Scottish Government’s expansion of funded ELC and influence policy to ensure that third sector childcare organisations are included in planning and that the challenges they face are addressed.

The ELC subgroup has responded to consultations by the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to reflect the needs of third sector childcare organisations. Most recently, it responded to Glasgow City Council’s consultation on its capital spend proposals for ELC, which resulted in one of the proposals being withdrawn for reconsideration. It also responded to Scottish Government consultations on ELC delivery and funding model, leading to changes in policy such as a sustainable provider rate allowing payment of the Living Wage to practitioners delivering the funded entitlement. In June 2017, the Citywide Forum hosted key speakers from Skills Development Scotland, Glasgow City Council, The Scottish Government, Scottish Childminding Association and GCVS, who explored upcoming changes to early learning and childcare in Scotland. The event was well attended and provided a vital opportunity for third sector organisations from across the city to hear about the changing landscape in early learning and childcare. The group has also hosted briefing sessions on the new National Care Standards and the latest Care Inspectorate publications, including ‘Animal Magic’, ‘Gender Equal Play’, and ‘My World Outdoors’ to support practitioners in taking forward new approaches to play.

The subgroup is continuing to follow the developing ELC expansion and is represented on Glasgow City Council’s Education, Skills and Early Years committee.


Networking Events

The Citywide Forum, alongside the Everyone’s Children team, have held networking events in the North West, North East and South areas of the city for local councillors and staff working in health, social care and education to meet up with third sector organisations who provide services for children, young people and families. The events have been extremely successful, allowing a variety of statutory partners to make connections for potential partnership working with the third sector in their local area.

To accompany each event, Everyone’s Children produced Third Sector Directories, providing information on organisations working with children, young people and families in each area:

Significant Case Reviews and Child Protection

The Citywide Forum held a very successful event with Glasgow’s Child Protection Committee, ‘Significant Case Reviews & Child Protection’, on 6th September 2017. The event allowed third sector organisations working with children, young people and families in Glasgow to learn about the CPC and be given an overview of the structures and sub-groups. Interesting discussions took place around recurring themes from Significant Case Reviews and the impact they have on the third sector. The event also provided organisations the opportunity to join a working group to address some of the key issues discussed.

A summary report of the event can be accessed here. All presentations from the day can be downloaded here: SCR Event Presentations.

Early Learning and Childcare

On 21st June 2017, the Citywide Forum hosted key speakers from Skills Development Scotland, Glasgow City Council, The Scottish Government, Scottish Childminding Association and GCVS, who explored upcoming changes to early learning and childcare in Scotland. The event was well attended and provided a vital opportunity for third sector organisations from across the city to hear about the changing landscape in early learning and childcare.

All presentations from the event can be downloaded here.

Outdoor Play

The Early Learning and Childcare sub-group and Everyone’s Children hosted an event on 5th May on Outdoor Play. Speakers included Henry Mathias from the Care Inspectorate, Rachel Cowper from Inspiring Scotland and staff from 3D Drumchapel and the Jeely Piece Club. It was an interesting and informative afternoon, with a lot of questions and discussion from the audience of childcare staff.

Children’s Services Plan Consultation 

In February 2017 we held a Children’s Services Plan Consultation event alongside the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. A variety of third sector organisations were able to hear about potential contents for the Children’s Services Plan, and share their views and experiences.

summary and feedback report from the event can be downloaded here. This report fed into the Glasgow Integrated Children and Young People’s Service Plan 2017 – 2020 [1Mb, which was published in August 2017. You can download the full plan here.


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