older owmen artGlasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, as a key partner in Glasgow’s Third Sector Interface, has been involved since 2011 in progressing a major Scottish Government initiative called Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP).

Our main role is to ensure the meaningful involvement of the third sector in RCOP, to research the contribution of the sector to this agenda, to support third sector projects that demonstrate the role the sector plays in prevention and to influence future commissioning, so that there is greater recognition and investment in the third sector as part of public service reform in responding to the findings of the Christie Commission.

In their 2011-2021 Programme for Change, the Government says:-

The Reshaping Care for Older People programme provides a long term and strategic approach to delivering that change so that we can achieve our vision for future care for older people in Scotland. This change needs to be built on a strong and enduring consensus across all sectors and interests.

2013-14 – Building the evidence base:

Health economy support

During 2014-15, GCVS is working with the Yunus Centre for Social Business at Glasgow Caledonian University on a project that will utilise the health economics skills and expertise of the Yunus team to:

  • gather evidence about the kind of Third Sector activity that supports older people’s wellbeing and clearly evidences a significant contribution towards “prevention”, based on a literature search of existing reports/ studies – including the research we’ve commissioned;
  • cluster the demonstration projects funded through our Third Sector Transformation Fund (and additionally, housing projects also funded through the Change Fund) so that the economic value and social impact of different types of TS activity can be assessed;

An Advisoery Group is overseeing the project, chaired by GCVS and comprising members of the Yunus Centre team; RCOP Strategy Group, RCOP Capacity Building Group and the Scottish Government’s Joint Improvement Team.

The work is due to report in March 2015 with unterim updates throughout the year. For more information on this project, please contact Gillian McCamley on 0141 332 2444.

RCOP training programme

GCVS has set up a series of training courses aimed at organisations who deliver services to older people and their carers.  The various training sessions on offer have been organised after an exhaustive consultation process with over 500 older people and carers in Glasgow.  See the above tab for training for more information.

Community Connectors: Developing a model for Glasgow

The RCOP agenda recognises that many different types of support can help older people to live healthy, fulfilling, confident and independent lives, both in a preventative sense and following periods of ill health.

This requires investment to strengthen relationships between health and social care practitioners, community organisations and other stakeholders. This is where the community connectors model can help by supporting individuals to have a greater awareness of what services are available and how they can be accessed.

GCVS is currently researching the potential to deliver a community connectors approach as part of the work to ensure third and public sector practitioners, older people and carers have a better access to information about local services and an improved understanding of initiatives that support wellbeing and prevention in local communities. Findings will be reported to the RCOP Strategy Group in November.

What are Community Connectors?

The Community Connectors project would consist of a small team, alongside improved IT infrastructures, working to improve information and advice at a local level and increase uptake of services so more older people benefit and develop greater resilience.

What’s happening?

The Community Connector approach has been seen to work well in other parts of the country so GCVS has commissioned research and is currently working to model how this could best be applied in Glasgow.

What’s next?

The next milestone is to complete the research around Community Connector models, agree on the best approach for the pilot and seek investment from the RCOP Strategy Group later in the year to pilot the approach in part of the city.

Key Achievements 2013

Building and evidence base:  in 2013 GCVS commissioned research which will inform future commissioning which are as follows:

  • A local study of Community Transport Projects by Community Transport Association Scotland looking at the contribution of CT to Reshaping Care for Older People and future models of delivery.
  • A review of Advice and Information services in the city to identify the extent to which they meet older people’s needs to maximise income and entitlements and where there are gaps.

Further work will be developed throughout 2014 to look at Third Sector procurement and commissioning issues, workforce development needs and dementia services.

Key Achievements 2012

Intelligence Gathering: In June 2012 GCVS conducted an in-depth mapping exercise of TS services being delivered to older people and their Carers. This piece of work was crucial in enabling us to increase the visibility of the work of the sector and in highlighting the potential future contribution of the sector. The findings from the mapping have been pivotal in supporting us to increase partners’ understanding of the capacity of TS to deliver anticipatory and preventative services.

The Draft Joint Commissioning Plan for Older People: GCVS worked in partnership with a number of key TS partners to coordinate and deliver a large number of consultation events on the RCOP Joint Commissioning Plan.

The information from these events has now been collated and we are in the process of arranging a series of meeting with our Third Sector Reference group and wider TS partners to agree and sign off on our final asks in regards to the Joint Commissioning Strategy.  The information from all the consultations is now available (hyperlink) on our website alongside our RCOP newsletter which aims to keep the Third Sector informed of developments

Key Achievements 2011

From 2011 GCVS has been working with Third Sector Reference group partners to ensure the role and contribution of the TS are clearly articulated and understood within the Change Fund partnership. Throughout our involvement we have made significant progress in this area. Below is a summary of some of our key achievements from 2011 – 14

Engagement and Coordination Support: In 2011 The TSRG secured resources to enable the partnership to appoint a Third Sector Strategic Coordinator to develop a programme of support to increase the capacity of TS partners to engage in the Change Fund agenda. Since 2011 the Coordinator has been working closely with the TSRG partners to:

  • Secure ring fence funding for the development and roll out of the Glasgow Transformation Fund
  • Coordinate and oversee engagement and consultation processes with those involved in the delivery of service for older people and older people and carers themselves.
  • To support the capacity of third sector partners to engage and keep pace with developments in the Chang Fund agenda latterly with a particular focus on Joint Commissioning.

In June 2011 the TSRG partners successfully secured Change Fund resource to fund a programme of support to:

  • Increase the capacity of the sector to feed in their views and expertise
  • Evidence the worth of the third Sector’s contribution to RCOP

This resource enabled the TSRG to:

  • Appoint a Third Sector Strategic Coordinator to support Third Sector involvement and
  • Carry out an in depth mapping exercise and thematic research at key junctures within the RCOP agenda.

Third Sector Transformation Fund (Currently Closed)

The Transformation fund was created to aid the Third Sector to demonstrate both its existing contribution to RCOP and to explore the potential ways in which the sector can improve the health of older people and/or their families and carers that can reduce demand on public services, particularly Social Work and Health.

The main focus of the fund is to invest in demonstration projects that will:

  1. Improve the health of older people and/or their families and carers
  2. Reduced social isolation of older people
  3. Increased independence and resilience for older people and/or their families and carers
  4. Build capacity of individuals and communities to be more connected

GCVS and the Capacity building group are working closely with the funded organisations to support them in evidencing the impact of their services with a view to informing commissioning in the next three years.


GCVS has commissioned the Voluntary Action Fund to Voluntary Action Fund the Transformation Fund. The Fund is taken from the Change Funding that is awarded to Glasgow and it is ring-fenced for Glasgow’s third sector. This Programme is now closed for applications.

Year one

The first year of the Third Sector Transformation Fund saw 20 voluntary sector organisations benefit from a total of £700,000 in funding from the Reshaping Care for Older People Change Plan.

Year two

In October 2013, the second round of the fund awarded grants totalling in excess of £1.4M to 41 organisations operating in the Glasgow City area.

The funding will enable projects to deliver services to older people and their carers in their own homes and communities over the next 16 months.

Throughout October and November, GCVS and VAF have delivered a series of “getting off to a good start” sessions for newly funded projects to encourage greater networking, cross referrals and effective reporting in round two.

Read the Transformation Fund Evaluation Report for more information about the contribution that these third sector organisations have made as part of Glasgow’s RCOP Change Fund.

Third Sector Reference Group

The Third Sector Reference Group has been actively engaging with the Change Fund partnership since June 2011.  The Reference Group is comprised of intermediaries, key strategic partner and networks in Glasgow.

The main role of the Third Sector Reference Group is to:

  • Collate and represent the views of the Third Sector
  • Inform and agree shared objectives and a shared vision for the 2011/12 Change Plan.
  • Provide coordination support to Third Sector partners to assist their contributions to the reshaping Care for Older People agenda.
  • Oversee the Third Sector Mapping Research Project.  This project will build intelligence, highlight the existing Third Sector contribution to care and scope the input that the sector can have in delivering preventive and anticipatory services in local communities.

The group’s members are:-

  • Liz McEntee – GCVS (Chair)
  • Arlene Crockett – Alzheimer Scotland
  • Tressa Burke – Glasgow Disability Alliance
  • Teri Hendry – GAMH
  • Ginny Jackson – Parkhead CAB
  • Agnes McGroarty – Scottish Seniors Alliance
  • Helen Macneil – GCVS
  • Jacqui Reid – LTCAS
  • Shona Stephen – Queens Cross Housing Association
  • Colleen Rowan – GWFS
  • Gillian McCamley – GCVS
  • Charlie Murphy – Age Scotland
  • Ann Marie Docherty – Fair deal
  • Julian Clarke – Volunteer Centre Glasgow
  • Charlie Barker – SCIF
  • Claire Cairns – Carer’s Coalition

Joint Commissioning Strategy Resources

GCVS and our partner agencies in the Reshaping Care for Older People programme have launched a consultation to find out the views of older people, their carers and other stakeholders, about plans to improve services for older people in Glasgow.  The draft Joint Commissioning Strategy sets out how the partnership in Glasgow intends to achieve this shift in an ambitious and forward looking plan which has  been developed in close consultation with older people, their carers and organisations that provide services in the city.

A  range of resources have been developed to support the consultation process.

Consultation Events

Post Consultation materials

RCOP Newsletters

Our Reshaping Care for Older People newsletters are available to view below – we hope you find them useful and welcome any feedback you might have or suggestions for future content.
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RCOP Newsletter #1
RCOP Newsletter #2
RCOP Summary Flyer

RCOP Training

GCVS, as part of its work to help progress the Scottish Government’s Reshaping Care for Older People agenda, provided an extensive series of training courses aimed at organisations who deliver services to older people and their carers.

The various training sessions were developed following a consultation process with over 500 older people and carers in Glasgow.

Information about future training courses will be available here or can be found on our what’s on page.

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