What is Building Connections Glasgow?

building-connectionsBuilding Connections Glasgow is a partnership project between Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) and Glasgow City Council (GCC) which focuses on welfare reforms and benefit changes.

The project is funded by the Scottish Government who recognise, as we do, that our efforts to minimise the negative impacts of welfare reform can only be improved if we work more closely together, share information, ideas and knowledge and build best practice.

Building Connections Glasgow wants to make sure that services and citizens have access to the most up to date, and most useful information on benefit changes and have a platform for sharing ideas, tackling challenges and celebrating success.

These pages belong to you, as a citizen, a service provider, practitioner or volunteer and by getting involved you can help us build an active network and make meaningful connections, so why not browse through the tabs below and think about what you could share via the Third Sector Action Exchange to help other people.

If you want to chat about sharing something, or if you have comments or suggestions on the Action Exchange please contact Johanna on 0141 332 2244 or email: johanna.speirs@gcvs.org.uk

Action Exchange – A Place for You…

The Third Sector Action Exchange has been developed as a ‘one stop shop’ for information, resources and locally driven discussion about challenges and ideas. On these pages you will be able to:

  • Stay up to date with the latest news and changes to the benefit system
  • Find evidence on how benefit changes are affecting people and services
  • Promote your work and celebrate your success
  • Identify some of the latest problems, barriers and challenges we face as a city
  • Engage with other services and citizens, working together to strengthen our evidence base and identify solutions.

These pages also give us an opportunity to pull resources, evidence, intelligence and experience to shape collective responses and key messages – so that we can try to influence policy and decision making processes to better reflect our needs and the needs of those we work with.

Information and Guides

On this page you’ll find a range of information resources and guides that we hope you’ll find useful. Some of the resources are generated here at GCVS and some link to external websites – let us know what you think of the content provided by using our star rating system!

Use something useful, think it would be helpful for others – why not share it via the Third Sector Action Exchange.

Building Evidence

In this section we’ll share open surveys and research opportunities. Taking 10 or 15 minutes out of your day to help build an evidence base can be really worthwhile in helping develop campaigns and key messages, identify gaps and barriers in services, find out what works well or what improvements might be useful and it can also help services, projects and groups find our how a particular change, policy or practice impacts on people, or services and what positive steps could be taken towards a meaningful and responsive solutions.

Are you researching a topic or issue, share your survey or opportunity via the Third Sector Action Exchange.


The amount of evidence and research available on welfare reform and its impacts is vast, many of these studies look at welfare reform in relation to poverty and other social justice factors too and quite often it can be really useful to be able to access evidence and research to support your position, increase understanding and develop responses. Here you’ll find links to some interesting and, we hope, useful research reports.

Come across something you think might be interesting or useful for others? Please share it with us via the Third Sector Action Exchange.

Case Studies

Case studies can help:

  • Pinpoint problems, barriers and challenges people and service face on a day to day basis.
  • Identify areas of good practice and quality within the benefit system and across third and public services.
  • Promote actions and interventions of individuals and organisations that help people successfully navigate the benefit system.

In this section we want to build up a bank of case studies that help document the journeys and experiences of citizens and services across Glasgow. If you have an interesting story you’d like to share then please get in touch. We’re happy to work with you, or someone you work with to make share sharing your story is a positive experience!

What is Glasgow Action on Benefits?

Glasgow Action on Benefits (GAB) is a new and exciting addition to our project. GAB offers an opportunity for 12 local citizens who are currently volunteering and who have experience of welfare reforms and benefit changes to play a positive part in how we respond to welfare reform.

Participants of GAB will be fully trained in peer education and peer research and supported to use these new skills, along with their existing experience, to help others across the city work together to develop positive solutions to the challenges and barriers they face.

We have 5 places remaining on the group – if you are supporting a volunteer who may be interested in being involved and could commit 1 day a week please contact Johanna on 0141 332 2444 or email johanna.speirs@gcvs.org.uk.

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