In response to feedback from citizens and services GCVS worked with a range of partners to develop these guides to the Personal Independence Payment process.

Our Know the Score Guides are intended to help people applying for PIP or preparing for their PIP Assessment.

Guide 1  – Explains the points system and how points are awarded, we hope it helps people better understand the sort of information they should share on their application form and at their assessment.

Guide 2 – Focuses on the assessment. It has information about the Glasgow assessment centre and what happens when you get there. We’ve also included a section for people who might be acting as a supporter or advocate for a family member, friend or someone they work with.

As always we’d really like your feedback and comments, so, if you have suggestions on how the Guides could be improved please contact Johanna on 0141 271 2302 or email

PIP Guide 1 – The Points System

PIP Guide 2 – Preparing for Assessment

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