Flexible Training Opportunities can help your training budget go further

Flexible Training Opportunities (FTOs) give small Scottish businesses the opportunity to apply for up to £3,000 towards employee training costs.

FTO will refund up to 50% of your employee training activities, up to a maximum of £1000 per employee. This funding can be used for qualifications, masterclasses, workshops, and more.

To be eligible your business needs to employ less than 100 people. You can receive up to a maximum of £3000 for training.

Key criteria

You can apply for a Flexible Training Opportunity if all of the following can be confirmed:

  • The total employee headcount of your business is under 100
  • Your business is based in Scotland, and the participating employees are Scottish residents
  • Your business or enterprise is a private sector, voluntary or community (not-for-profit) organisation
  • Your business is privately run, and its staff development costs are not funded by the Public Sector
  • You are able to provide SDS with evidence to confirm the status of your business
  • You accept the terms and conditions outlined in the Rules and Guidance document

Note that there is a minimum cost threshold for training of £200. So if you plan to spend more than £200 on training, you are eligible to apply, providing you also satisfy the criteria outlined above.

If your attendance at some GCVS training is dependent upon getting this funding, we will be happy to hold you a provisional spot on the training course. Just be sure to confirm your attendance with us after you receive your funding. Email us at training@gcvs.org.uk to discuss.

For further details and the online application process visit the Our Skillsforce website.

Check your ILA eligibility

The majority  of the courses in our training programme qualify for Individual Learning Account funding.

You must be over 16 and have an income of £22,000 a year or less, or be on benefits, and have no degree qualification, to be eligible to get up to £200 towards the costs of learning or training.  It’s a great way to pay for learning new skills because the money isn’t a loan and you don’t need to worry about paying it back.

You can find the ILA eligibility checklist here on the Skills Develelopment Scotland website.

Or contact us at training@gcvs.org.uk  for advice