people learningThe GCVS Community Learning & Development (CLD) Team provides a free tailored guidance and support service to staff (paid and unpaid) working with communities  in Glasgow. We are keen to work with anyone with an interest in developing provision in the city, including new organisations and potential partners.

Our service includes; an information sharing portal, networking sessions, regular E-newsletters and practitioners’ development opportunities.  As an active partner in Glasgow’s Learning, the strategic grouping that guides CLD throughout the city, we can introduce you to this partnership  with its potential for learners’ opportunities, referral routes, the development of learner and practitioner ‘voice’ and collaborative working.

Our interests and priorities include wider CLD, Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALN), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and digital learning. Our target groups include staff working with vulnerable people & families, young people, criminal justice, ‘Thriving Places’ and the North West Learning Partnership. We are keen to engage with partners who share any of these particular priorities with us.

 Our Offer To You:

  • Bespoke awareness raising sessions for staff and/or potential learners
  • Staff Training Programme
  • Upskilling your knowledge of learners’ opportunities and referral pathways
  • Upskilling your knowledge of the CLD Regulations and Glasgow’s CLD Plan
  • Facilitating learners’ and practitioners’ ‘Voice’ through communications & networking
  • A “critical friend” – informal and accessible support and CLD expertise available
  • Providers’ Network to keep up to date with local, city wide and national initiatives
  • Swap Shop sessions for informal practice sharing  with colleagues
  • Monthly E-Bulletin updates
  • Development sessions to upskill staff in providing additional support for learning.  These can be delivered within your own organisation:
    • Dyslexia Awareness
    • Dyslexia Friendly Practice & ICT
      • Please see Dyslexia Support above for more details on the support we help provide for Dyslexia in Glasgow
    • Working Memory
    • Measuring the Impact of Your Work
  • Engagement with potential partners for collaboration


 CLD Professional Development Programme

Details of our CLD professional development programme are available via Eventbrite.

Click to see details and book.

Bulletin & Resources Round-Up

Lots more older versions with good updates and resources can be found here:

CLD Dropbox (Dropbox log-in is not required close login window to access)

Feel free to explore and share with other staff.

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Event Materials

Minutes, shared resources, presentations and papers from our training events can be found here:

CLD Dropbox (Dropbox log-in is not required close login window to access)

Feel free to explore and share with other staff.


North West Learning Partnership

nw launch imageThe North West Learning Partnership (NWLP) was formed as a bottom-up response from adult learning providers in the North West of Glasgow.  Launched in June 2015, it aims to create clearer pathways and improved referrals for adult learners. The partnership provides networking and information sharing. During the first year, it hopes to create a clear picture of what’s on offer to learners in the North West. We are always open to new partners with an interest in adult learning in NW Glasgow.

Look out for upcoming NWLP dates here!

Minutes, shared resources and papers from the North West Learning Partnership can be found here:

Link to NW Learning Partnership Dropbox  (Dropbox log-in is not required close login window to access)

GCVS chair and provide support to the North West Learning Partnership, so  contact Sallie or Karen for further details.

What Is Dyslexia?

The Oxford Dictionary defines dyslexia as:

A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.”

However, we feel that a more fitting definition would be one used by the British Dyslexia Association in 2014 – that dyslexia is a learning difference, a combination of strengths and weaknesses which affect the learning process in reading, spelling, writing and sometimes numeracy.

If you are an adult with dyslexia, or a learning provider in Glasgow, you can get support with this through Glasgow’s Learning.



See below for videos from the CLD team on Dyslexia Support available through GCVS, as well as their definition of dyslexia. Plus hear from Dyslexia Action, Glasgow Clyde College and City of Glasgow College!

Organisations involved in Glasgow’s Learning include:

gdss               dyslexia-scotland-border

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  nhs-ggc sul

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