What is capacity building?

capacity building diagramCapacity Building is all about strengthening capability – it is the process of building the potential of voluntary organisations to respond to the needs of the community they serve.

It is an approach to development that aims to instil commitment and improve management and technical skills through training (increasing knowledge), changed operating procedures and/or restructuring within an organisation, thereby making it more effective and sustainable.

Voluntary organisations tend to be very adaptable and can grow and change very quickly so it’s important to ensure that there is enough support for the changes within the organisation.

The service we offer can be broken down into three broad themes:

Support, advice and information

Charity Law, Funding guidance, searching, and information, Signposting, upcoming events and training, Constitution development, OSCR application process, changing legal form and general operational support.

Review and assessment

Reviewing funding applications, annual Monitoring Returns, service level agreements, constitutional checks, policy review, business plans and funding and financial policies.

Training and facilitation

Delivery of training for management committees and boards, tailored – personalised training, business planning sessions, objective setting, monitoring and evaluation, board development and board and staff mentoring.

All organisations and individuals can benefit from this service: new groups who are just setting up all the way through to medium-sized national charities.