Identified need

Glasgow faces significant challenges. People live longer but often with multiple long term conditions; recognised as being one of the major strains in primary care. The city also has to respond to the national drive to keep older people living independently in their own homes whilst coping with budgetary pressure in a challenging economy.

Community Connectors has been working to scope and develop a service that recognises and responds to need based on established evidence favouring more holistic, asset-focused and person-centred approaches. Through working groups established during our involvement in the ‘Reshaping Care for Older People’ (RCOP) agenda, it was recognised by all partners that ‘community links’ models’ were one of the most effective ways to support patients ongoing health and wellbeing with GP’s at the Deep End and other Community Connectors models being prime examples.

What do we offer to older people?

The Community Connectors service aims to connect older people and their carers to information, local services and support to enable them to live as well as they can within their communities for longer. Using the ‘Good Conversations’ model as part of our person-centred approach, we work with people to identify their needs, agree solutions and work towards goals.

The service was designed to reflect that each person’s journey is unique and that older people need many different types of support to live health, fulfilling and independent lives and so we offer a varied package of support.

See out ‘core services’ and ‘Lifestyle Management service’ for more information.