Incidences of young people offending have greatly reduced in recent years according to a report in this week’s Evening Times.  Diversionary activities, provided by the police and youth services are credited with helping to cut down on knife crime and gang-related violence in the city.

There has been a 74% drop in calls from members of the public complaining about young people and antisocial behaviour.  Knife crime committed by people of all ages has fallen by over a third over the last 2 years and by 57% since 2006/07.

Criminal charges have fallen by 45% for young people since 2007/08, demonstrating the value of the different interventions taking place across the city that do not just rely on putting young people into the criminal justice system – early and effective intervention is key.  Sport, in particular, has played a large part as has youth work carried out by both the third and public sectors.

Source:  Evening Times