Clients of Youth Community Support Agency have produced a video titled ‘New Migrant Voices’ which was made to support new Migrants to Glasgow in managing money and budgeting and are looking for people to help evaluate their work through a short survey.

This project was initiated and run by clients of YCSA for the Money for Life Challenge, a national competition funded by Lloyds Banking Group with the support of Young Scot for 16 – 24 year olds to run a project to improve money management skills in their communities. The team are now through to the national finals which will be held in Edinburgh Corn Exchange on April 30th where the team will present their idea to invited guests in the hope of being voted to take part in the UK final.

Our project outcome was to enable new migrants to Glasgow to become more aware of money management issues.  We wanted to address the following issues of budgeting, advice on how to get by on a small amount of money, using UK currency, places to go for advice on managing your money, how to travel in the city and how much this will cost.  We think this is important information to share with new migrants to Glasgow as they need to survive on a small amount of money whilst having no knowledge of Glasgow, of where to find help, where to shop cheaply, how to use the currency and have to travel to lots of appointments around the city.  Our group have all had to deal with this and so want to help others to overcome problems we have had.

The participants hope that new migrants will have a valuable source of information to increase their chances of inclusion in their city and reduce their feelings of isolation and anxiety over money matters.  With the video being created by young people in the same situation we will be able to have a valued voice in issues surrounding migrants, which we feel is a very misunderstood topic at the moment.   It is also hoped by the young people who took part that the video be used in a support capacity or in education so we would welcome your feedback if you can use the video in this capacity.

The video can be viewed on our youtube channel at the following link:


We would really appreciate you taking the time to fill out our short questionnaire here: to allow the participants to evaluate their project.

Source:  YCSA