Shelter has launched a new campaign asking for public support to “Banish the Bedroom Tax Monster”, citing sleepless nights and days filled with worry for those affected by the policy.  They are calling for support to call on all elected politicians, including councillors and MSPs to do what they can to help.

The charity is calling for more funds to be made available to help those in hardship and those from homeless households.

The move comes as Scottish Labour this week called on the Scottish Government to make money available to help those in arrears and for social landlords, who are losing tens of thousands of pounds already, threatening future housing developments and the ability to “borrow and build”.  Labour claims, in this week’s Evening Times, that the £50m cost Scottish to tenants of the tax could be met by Scottish Government departmental underspends.

Labour’s Jackie Baillie is preparing a Member’s Bill to stop bedroom tax evictions.

Source: Evening Times 5/09/13