The Scottish Government has announced a drive to ensure that Scotland’s most vulnerable people receive assistance from the new Scottish Welfare Fund, which replaced the Social Fund in April this year.


They are concerned that people in need may not be aware of the assistance available to them in times of crisis or exceptional need. To date, 20,000 people have benefited from financial assistance, however, Deputy First Minister, Nicola Surgeon, pointed out that there is assistance available for around 200,000 people.


Each local authority in the country is responsible for the administration of the fund and Glasgow’s citizens can apply online.  The following information on who and what the Welfare Fund can support is published by Glasgow City Council on their website:


A Community Care Grant aims to help people on benefits who may have to go into care unless they get some support to stay at home. Or, if they are leaving any form of care and need help to set-up their own home. It can also help families facing exceptional pressures, with one-off items, like a cooker or a washing machine.


Applications for Community Care Grants will be processed within 15 working days. Awards may be given for goods, services or by direct bank transfer


A Crisis Grant aims to help people, on qualifying benefits, who are in crisis because of a disaster or an emergency. A disaster is something like a fire or a flood. An emergency can be when they have lost money or it was stolen. Crisis Grants award decisions will be made within 2 working days and there are a variety of methods available to support grant awards.


Further details on the Scottish Welfare Fund, including how to apply, can be found on the Glasgow City Council Website.


Glasgow Advice and Information Network can provide further advice to individuals on changes to the welfare system; you can contact the GAIN (Glasgow Advice & Information Network) on 0808 801 1011 to speak to someone.