Housing associations across Scotland have condemned the “bedroom tax” as callous in an open letter to the Herald newspaper.

The letter points out that people will be forced into renting private housing in an effort to avoid the Housing Benefit reductions, despite private sector rents being significantly higher than those in the social housing sector.

This could lead to the perverse result of costing the Government more, as 1 bedroom flats in the private sector often charge higher rents than it costs to rent a 2 bedroom flat from a social landlord.

The letter, from 35 housing associations and other organisations calls on all political parties to commit to joining their campaign to get rid of the “nonsensical” policy, “which is clearly designed to punish the most vulnerable “ so that it can be “consigned to the dustbin of history”.

Source:  The Herald 27 August 2013

Tags: Housing, Poverty, Welfare reform