In a letter to the BMA, UK Doctors have called for an end to Work Capability Assessments, describing the current system as Kafkaesque, while concerns continue to mount that the NHS is being placed under “intolerable strain” due to welfare reform policies.  An A4 sheet produced by Disability rights campaigners, Black Triangle, is cited as being “highly efficacious” in pointing out the appropriate application of regulations  relating to the Work Capability Assessment, which has helped GPs save substantial time and expense, while stressful appeal hearings for patients have been avoided.

The Doctors call for the BMA to inform every GP in the country of the appropriate regulations to prevent further harm to patients.  They also observe that in the current system there is no safety protocol for the assessment of risk and “no formal reporting mechanism for GPs to report significant adverse events such as self-harm and suicides which many of us have witnessed.”

Black Triangle have led the campaign to have Regulations 25 and 35 applied in all cases where harm might occur if an erroneous decision is made by the DWP relating to fitness for work.

Source: Black Triangle