Glasgow’s Learning Partnership is keen to receive feedback from colleagues and learners regarding Community Learning and Development in the city.

Here are the on-line surveys that you can use if you wish to contribute to the CLD Plan for Glasgow.  There is a Learners’ Survey and Referrers’ Survey  for agencies / staff that either currently make referrals or may be in a position in future to make referrals into community based adult learning. Please make sure you complete the correct form and complete replies by Friday 13th March.  Many thanks for your participation.

Background to Survey

Glasgow’s Learning Partnership has been designated by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership to develop a Community Learning and Development Plan for 2015-18, in line with guidance from the Scottish Government. The Plan will cover a range of learning and activities that support and empower individuals, groups and communities to develop skills and confidence to bring about positive outcomes. Adult learning is one of 6 work streams that will contribute to the final plan and is being developed in line with Glasgow’s Adult Learning Action Plan 2014-17. In order to refresh consultation on community-based adult learning, we are going to be hosting 3 focus groups for planning and delivery staff and adult learners and using the two surveys with links above.

If you have any questions please contact Karen  (Literacies Support Worker) at or  telephone 0141 354 6509.