Glasgow has overtaken Liverpool as the workless capital of the UK, with one in three households containing nobody in work, according to a survey by the Office of National Statistics.


According to experts cited in The Scotsman, this is due to low job vacancies, poor health and high levels of lone parenting in the city.  Employment levels in Glasgow are way behind those in Aberdeen: workless households form 30.2% in Glasgow and just 12% in Aberdeen; the UK national average is 18.1%. Glasgow and Liverpool have topped the national list for nine consecutive years, leading to fears that measures to get people back into work are inadequate.  33% of those out of work in Scotland are in the position due to sickness of disability.


Overall the percentage of workless households across the UK has fallen, prompting the UK Government to claim that its efforts to get people back into work are working, however, the Guardian points out that some of the fall is down to more people reaching retirement age. London and the South of England contain amongst the highest number of working households in the UK, although Orkney is highest in Scotland with just 7.4% of households classed as workless.


The data covers the year to December 2012.


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