A day centre for older people fears that it may have to close due to the introduction of charges of up to £16 a day for their service users.  Up to 50% of older people using day care centres are now liable for charges due to Glasgow City Council’s decision to introduce the charges.

The Rainbow Day Centre in Thornliebank, fears that the charges will prove unaffordable for the older people that use the service and that they will stop using it.    One potential service user has already been put off by the charges, while others are questioning whether they can afford to continue going.

The Council has also decreed the older people using the service must now pay additional charges for trips away, on top of the £20 they already pay for these outings, which the centre says is “not going to be feasible” and that they will have to cancel them.

Glasgow City Council claims that charges are based on the ability to pay, pointing out that up to 50% of centre users will pay nothing and not all will pay the full charges, however, many of the older people using the service are already paying for support at home and claim that the introduction of these charges could cost them up to £45 a week more, or over £200 per month for someone who attends three days a week.

Source: Evening Times