The cost of a raising a child in the UK has risen to nearly £150,000 research from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has shown. Worryingly, the figure for lone parents is higher at now £161,260 to cover food, clothing, heating and other expenses.  This is a rise of 4% on last year, despite benefits only growing by 1%, due to the UK Government’s welfare reform measures having established a cap or freeze on most child-related benefits.   Average earnings have grown by just 1.5%, while childcare costs have risen by 5.9%, squeezing the living standards of families across the UK, in particular those on the lowest incomes.

Figures in the report are based on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s (JRF) minimum income standards.  JRF  have pointed out that the next election will see a situation which has not occurred since the 1930’s: living standards will be lower than they were at the previous poll.  There are now 3.5m children living in poverty in the UK.

CPAG has produced a Child Support Handbook for parents and advisers which advises on the support available to families with children in England, Scotland and Wales.

Read the Child Poverty Action Group report

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